Microsoft makes monitors

Check out these awesome monitors by Microsoft.


See the Microsoft logo on the top left of the bevel? And the Windows logo smacked dab in the center of the bottom of the bezel?

Here’s the back.


Ok, so it’s really just taken from a TV show. Screen captured from Bones (The Pinocchio in the Planter, Season 6, Episode 20) in the Hulu desktop app.

But it’s still neat though, right? Not exactly sure what image Microsoft is trying to get here, except that it’s not the usual Apple computer (though there was one of those in this episode).


University of Houston Library Catalog goes Metro–kinda

Noticed this on my university’s library website awhile. Pretty similar to Metro, kind of.


Square icons, solid backgrounds, though the font can use some work, and the icons are very meh. Ok, so it’s not really Metro, but it is Metro-esque. At least it’s good for touchscreens.