What Windows Vista Ultimate should have been

While Vista sales are still relatively going well, not many people appear satisfied with Vista Ultimate.


Mainly because for $400, people don’t really see why they should get Ultimate above Home Premium.

Here’s 2 main promises of Vista Ultimate that makes it better than Home Premium:

  1. Combines all the features of Home Premium & Enterprise edition
  2. Vista Ultimate Extras

As for #1, I guess that can be said true.

As for #2, that has been a letdown for many.

It’s been half a year already, since Vista has been released, and yet there’s still no official UE.


UE was suppose to have:

  • DreamScene – a video desktop background utility
  • BitLocker & EFS enhancements – More security enhancements for Vista
  • Hold ‘Em Poker Game – a version of Texas Hold ‘Em for Vista
  • MUI Language Packs – 20 language packs you can display Windows in
  • GroupShot – photo tool for taking best parts of several similar picture, and combining them

If you ask me, those should have been installed into Vista (inc. Home Premium) by default. Not some silly Extras package just for Ultimate.

Especially the BitLocker/EFS enhancements and MUI Language Packs – those ought to be in the system already.

GroupShot should be part of Windows Photo Gallery already.

Ultimate Extras is rather silly if you ask me. I would say you’re kind of a fool to actually want that, and that Microsoft is a fool for packing it like that.

So Ultimate Extras has seemed to fail. It’s up to Microsoft to release it before the year ends, or they’ll have more unsatisfied customers to deal with.

That’s what happens when you make promises, and don’t keep them. People lose respect for you, and move on to somebody else.

Microsoft should have been sure it would come out instantly, before making such false promises.

$400 is also ridiculously too expensive for a system.

Unfortunately, Vista Ultimate is a failure.

So here’s what Vista Ultimate should have been:

Vista Ultimate should have everything possible on Windows Vista (fits with #1). Vista Ultimate should have come with Ultimate Extras.

Vista Ultimate would have also came with a free version of Office 07′ Ultimate.

Vista Ultimate would have Windows Live apps. bundled with it (OS X does it, so why not Windows?).

Vista Ultimate should have been at the most, $300. Although preferably $250 would have been the best retail price.

And that’s how Vista Ultimate should have been. All of Microsoft’s finest in one package.

But nope, Microsoft was sloppy, and as a result, Vista Ultimate didn’t run on people’s expectations.

Doesn’t Microsoft ever learn? I wonder who runs this department.


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