MSN Dial-Up, MSN Direct, MSN TV to die – MSN Premium revised

News is out : MSN Dial-Up, MSN Direct, and MSN TV are going to end their services. By January 20th, support for all 3 MSN services will end.                          

Due to lack of demand for MSN 9 Dial-Up, MSN Direct, MSN TV have to die.

It’s not like they were good anyways.

MSN Dial-Up =====================================

Dial-Up is dead. Nobody has time to wait a couple of minutes for a page to load up. It’s either no internet, or DSL/Cable. But definitely not dial-up : You’ll regret it. Also, MSN Dial-Up is very intrusive, and too tightly tied around ‘the old MSN’. It’s like Microsoft hasn’t touched it since years ago. In modern day, MSN Dial-Up fails. So that’s adios to MSN 9 Dial-Up. 

MSN Direct ======================================

This never took off like Microsoft imagined. Microsoft was imaging this as a way towards the future. You’re wristwatch could display a bunch of neat info., right on your arm. Problem is, wristwatches are losing functionality to cell phones. Cell phones can tell time, and do a whole multitude of tasks than the boring old wristwatch. (to tell you the truth, I still wear a wristwatch, for style, but I definitely see no need for a MSN Direct kind of service at all). The Spot watches received channels of info from MSN services, through a digital FM radio based technology. However, they are rather unappealing, and it only displays in black and white monochrome. And most of these ‘channels’ are just small basic things a quik web search could do. There were also GPS unit devices, and even a coffee maker, but those too really don’t need a MSN Direct service. So it died. – Mainly due to the ongoing invention of the cell phone.

MSN TV =========================================

MSN TV was a big waste. Browsing the internet from your TV? Are you kidding? They invented computers for a reason. Browsing from the TV is such a pain. Even the Wii Opera browser isn’t as interesting as a real internet browser. These days, people need PC’s. MSN TV was meant to be a solution to having to buy a PC for internet. But you might as well buy a computer if you need the internet – it’s what they’re made for.


So they all are going to die, because of the fact that nobody needs them anymore. I’m glad they’re gone. They were just a waste.

MSN Premium is going to get a fix-up. There’s been complaints about how customers are being charged around $10 a month for relatively low-end features available for free on other sites. In other words, it appears worthless.

Most of what is revised, is just simply the transition from old MSN services, to new Windows Live services. The price, not surprisingly will be raised to $14.99 a month. But it does contain some neat stuff, that’s worth the price.

Some fixes (and switches) include:

  • Windows Live Hotmail Plus – Finally. Now Windows Live Hotmail Plus is offered for free with it. Currently, MSN Premium customers had to stay with the old MSN Hotmail, not the new Windows Live Hotmail. They haven’t got much goodness out of that. Considering that Hotmail Plus is around $20, and the new MSN Premium is around $15, they’re really getting a bang for their buck.
  • Windows Live OneCare – As long as you stay subscribed to MSN Premium, you’ll also get access to Windows Live OneCare for free. This will replace MSN Premium’s so called protection (McAfee, Spy Sweeper, petty stuff etc.) which OneCare and Live Hotmail already do.
  • Windows Live Family Safety – replaces the old MSN Parental Controls
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery – replaces the old Microsoft Digital Image Standard software and other photo-fixing software
  • No need for MSN Explorer – MSN explorer is dead. I used it before, and I saw no reason to switch from IE7. It’s just a regular web browser, but MSN-ified. And that’s not something any person would want, unless they’re really dull.
  • Windows Live Suite – a free offer given when first installed

Otherwise than that, some of the other services (if any more) will remain the same. If it hasn’t already been succeed by a Windows Live offering.

Microsoft is also considering getting rid of the MSN Premium name, and just becoming Windows Live Premium all together. The MSN services are just really old, never got updated, and now Windows Live is taking over. So it makes more sense for it to discontinue the old MSN Premium name.

Microsoft is also in talks with AT&T to provide partnered internet services with AT&T and replacing Yahoo!. As soon as Yahoo!’s contract with AT&T is finished (in 08′), AT&T could either switch over to do Windows Live services, or renew their contract with Y! again.

The possible partnership with AT&T and Windows Live, won’t kill with AT&T splashes all over Windows Live sites, like Y!’s was. Unlike that messy thing, AT&T and Windows Live will remain as separate identities, with just AT&T redirecting you to Windows Live services.

In other words, you won’t see AT&T take over the look of your e-mail, or what you do and stuff. It just takes/offers you Windows Live services, as part of their member. That’s it.

This is a pretty big deal. AT&T and Microsoft are both big-shot companies in their line of business, and a partnership will raise eyebrows. Microsoft does share AT&T’s Charles Noski on their Board of Directors. So it wouldn’t surprise me if AT&T would except a deal from Microsoft.

All of this comes from MSN/Windows Live consolidating their services/products, and making it much more easier to go through than to have multiple services/products that do a bad job. This is good news, as obviously they’re now getting on the ball. It’s not clear when the new MSN Premium will be launched out, but it’s expected around the end of this year. As for the other old MSN services, customers will get a notification to start planning ahead, and support will end on January 30, 2008.

UPDATE : Seems as if Microsoft didn’t go though with their plans. I guess these MSN services are still here. Though this is my pure opinion : These services have got to go. There’s other free services (even from Windows Live) that outdo what these MSN services do, and it might not be long before Microsoft takes this part of MSN down. Despite some of the few people I’ve seen have appreciation for this.


20 thoughts on “MSN Dial-Up, MSN Direct, MSN TV to die – MSN Premium revised

  1. Considering that Hotmail Plus is around $20, and the new MSN Premium is around $15, they\’re really getting a bang for their buck.
    Hotmail plus is based on an annual subscription of $20. So at $15 a month for the new MSN, it is a rip.

  2. Interesting. I have been an MSN subscriber since the original 1.0 product in 1995. I and my family still maintain addresses, since we are paying subscribers. I am assuming that the email addresses will still be valid … is that your understanding as well?

  3. @Jeff Ferguson : Well thanks for visiting my Spaces.
    To tell you the truth – some of my blog posts might be well…. made-up.
    When Microsoft doesn\’t do something interesting, I prefer to make something up that sounds news-worthy. I\’m hoping that some Microsoft employee might come across it, get inspired to possibly follow that idea, and maybe it will become a reality.
    That\’s a bit what-if. But it\’s better than letting Microsoft sit on its laurels and do nothing cool.
    @sslsangi: Ok, so this new plan would make Live Hotmail Plus a rip-off. Whoops, didn\’t catch that. Maybe it should be placed at $25 a month. Or Live Hotmail Plus will offer something cheaper. Who knows?

  4. Well I could care less about Hotmail Live or anything live. As far as MSNTV I really have little use for them anymore. I am wired to a wide screen TV that looks excellent on the screen.. With DSL have little concern about MSN cancelling that. I do use MSN Premium but just for there virus and anti-spyware protection, some say it\’s a rip off but I just don\’t trust free services on line that I have no clue who is running them. As far as wireless and all the commercials on TV and that stupid Verizon, "the network" commercial I am just flat out tired of hearing it. Do I really need a connection wherever I go? If need be I will find a WiFI hotspot if I really need to get online.. The stupid I-Phone and those stupid little lcd screens? How am I going to enjoy a TV show that I can barely see? just toys I guess for people that have nothing better to spend there money on.. MSN can do what they want but they can be replaced.. Dave….

  5. @CD Dave_000 : Live Hotmail isn\’t bad if you try it. Um, yes, I think MSN Premium\’s offer of anti-virus is rather weak. Windows Defender (free) or Live OneCare (paid) is a much better route.
    And yes, MSN TV is probably dead.

  6. Wrong again! The webtv concept met the needsof many and led to the broadband enabled MSNTV-2 which continues to give enjoyment to many. Obviouslyit is not for everyone. The point being is that choicesremain important for everyone. We still live in a society which allows this. You should try being moreopen minded. Cheers, rgc

  7. @rgc : While the thought of having internet on your TV instead of getting a PC sounds interesting, but the way Microsoft does it is impractical.
    I wouldn\’t pay $99 a year to go onto the internet in a pretty lame way.
    At least a new thing called "Chumby" seems to make this possible in a much better way. Take a look :

  8. MSNTV2 serves a purpose but unfortunately MSN is going another direction that isn\’t good for M-2 users. To me it is just a good back up in case my PC goes down plus the fact is a media player meant to use with a PC, I do like streaming media through it. It does a good job streaming wmv and wma content.. Banking is a little more secure but really I am not too paranoid to use my pc.. For $10. a month it isn\’t going to hurt my budget one bit.. With most sites going to flash there isn\’t much to view like there use to be. MSNBC uses flash on the PC I am surprized they save some of there video for the M-2. I think it serves a purpose but needs major upgrades that work. Dave..

  9. Ok, I guess there\’s several loyal users to MSNTV, but obviously MSNTV seems to penetrate only a small piece of the market. Microsoft could make a new MSNTV with new features and content, but overall MSNTV is money loser for MS, and sometimes, Microsoft can really lose support for what they do.
    So I thought MSNTV was enough of a boon to Microsoft, that it would eventually be trashed.

  10. MSNTV Concept Remains Important and Worthwhile for many devoted users around the World. Obviouslyit is not for everyone; thankgoodness! Those of us who \\

  11. MSNTV-2 remains useful and enjoyable to manyand should be maintained in the MSFT Spectrum.The biggest concern to subscribing members isMSFT\’s lack of timely state of the art upgrades. What is good for the goose is not always good for the gander. We need to keep the consumer choice\\option. Please do not give up on MSNTV. Rather,bring out an upgraded versions on a timely MSNTV-3, 4, 5 etc. Keep a good thing going forthose of us who appreciate and enjoy the concept.

  12. @rgc and bgates : Well Microsoft always has had a history of products failing due to lack of upgrades from employees being dispersed to other projects. It\’s kinda sad, but I think the next big thing Microsoft will do is to make browsing available on the Xbox platform. MSNTV appears limited to most people in functionality, and it would be better for Microsoft to just put a similar experience for the Xbox platform.

  13. Msn 9.0 dial up and msn premium are going great guns
    please update info which is relevant
    do not post irrelevant info on the web

  14. I agree fully that it is high time that the deuce(msntv-2)be replaced by the thrice(msntv-3) with all of the latestbells and whistles to make viewing internet contenton the TV an even greater experience. Please,MSFT,keep a good thing going. It will be much appreciated by many.

  15. Hell\’s Bells! Steve Ballmer needs to bring out a new TV2 box withample RAM and Flash Player Support. EnjoyingInternet Content on the Family TV remains very important to many. With proper nuturing, this could becomea real winner both for the client and MSFT. Keep theconcept alive and growing. Cheers, bgates

  16. Many loyal supporters of MSNTVremain hopeful that Microsoft willbring out a new Box with ample memoryand Flash Player Support. MSNTV does meetimportant needs for Many. Although not a bigmoney maker it has been self sustaining. Mostavid users would be willing to pay abit moreto keep the service functioning. Sincerely,rgc

  17. MSN should keep MSNTV alive and state of the artwith a new set top box. This should have increaseRAM and Flash Player Upgrades. The serviceremains very important to many elderly and infirm.If needed, most users would be willing to paymore to keep the product functional. I suspect that the user base would grow significantly shouldan ungradable new box come out. Sincerely,rgc

  18. MSNTV is wonderful for seniors. My dad (83) has been using it for several years. I don\’t have to worry about him getting a virus or any of the other many problems that PCs have. The large font size on the tv is also helpful. However, MS does need to upgrade it. Besides more memory and updated flash player support, they need updated printer support. It currently only works with printers that are no longer on the market. I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with their tech support and they said they had no intention of adding any printer drivers. My dad just needs it for email, surfing the web and occasional printing. Is there anything else on the market that would fit that need for seniors?

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